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Reverse Folding Umbrella

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When you jump on a crowded train after escaping a downpour your dripping wet umbrella usually brushes up against your bag, your clothes or -even worse- a stranger. But by inverting the design, the wet side of the umbrella faces inward when closed, exposing only the dry side.

And that's not all: the creative design makes it easier to open when coming out of a car or other covered area, and when not in use the umbrella can stands up on its own!

  • Double Layer: double layer pongee umbrella cloth, 8 fiber bones and carbon fiber stick, automatic push-button open
  • Hand Free: C-type frosted handle can release one of your hands, it is convenient for you to do other important things
  • Reverse Folding: unique inverted open & close design, helping trap the water on the inside and won't get the car floor wet
  • Standing Design: no need additional standing holder, reverse folding design makes it easy to stand by itself and drip free

Pattern: Long-handle Umbrella

Model Number: Double Layer Reverse Umbrella
Control: Semi-automatic
Size: One Size
Function: Rolling Over
Item: Umbrella


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